“I’ve  lost 20 kg, my knees don’t hurt, and it doesn’t hurt anywhere. Last year I did not celebrate my 60th birthday because of the Covid, and for some reason my new acquaintances are looking forward to my 50th birthday.” 

I was old and fat and sick. It sounds terrible, but, unfortunately, there are many, very many such women, and not only my age, but also younger. The success of the education is assessed by what the participants have learned. I had no idea how much I didn’t know. And many still don’t know. 

It all started with sore and worn out knees. Fortunately, I got to see a young orthopaedist. He agreed to operate on my left knee, although he did not have any high hopes that this operation would change anything in my life. After the operation, he asked me if I want to stand in line for a knee replacement. I asked, is there really no other treatment? The doctor replied that there is, but he does not think that I will agree to it. It turned out that he recommends muscle strengthening exercises that will help prevent further knee wear and tear. He asked me which sports club I go to. I replied that MyFitness. He opened the list of MyFitness personal trainers, picked out a few suitable ones, and said the rest was up to me. I realized that there was no turning back, I had to try. 2 years have passed since this appointment with the orthopaedist. Until now, I have not needed his help, in other words, our project has not been completed. 

Before meeting my personal trainer, I considered myself quite diligent. I went to Pilates once a week. I believed that the gym was only for young people and that “aunties” of my age only go to “proper” group workouts and do not overstrain in the gym. While working with a trainer, I discovered the possibilities of the gym and quickly forgot my prejudices. Now my choice is the gym, not a group workout. I rarely do group workouts, and it’s more for good company and for a change. 

But at first, the gym requires guidance and an accessible and individual workout program that I put together with a personal trainer. 

When I somebody on the street, and I see how his aching knees suffer under the weight of his body, it is difficult for him to breathe, his heart is pounding, and he is in a bad mood, I would like to give him good advice, because I know how it feels, and I know what will help. 

Until now, I have not yet dared to advise anyone. I’m afraid people will get angry because they are already in a bad mood due to physical discomfort. This is why I wrote down my experiences and thoughts to spread them, so that someone could receive the same valuable reward that I received – many more healthy years in my life. I want to share the knowledge that I have received. To tell the truth, I’ve heard it all before, but I didn’t believe it for a long time. 

I continue to train regularly twice a week, in my best weeks even three times, and each time I gratefully remember these young people: my orthopaedist and trainer, who taught this “aunty” some wisdom. 

I’ve lost 20 kg, my knees don’t hurt, and it doesn’t hurt anywhere. Last year I did not celebrate my 60th birthday because of the Covid, and for some reason my new acquaintances are looking forward to my 50th birthday 

I wish you all a healthy life! 


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