1.    Main information

  • My Fitness Viimsi Run is taking place in Viimsi, May 12th, 2018. Start and Finish lines are placed at the Athletic field next to the Viimsi middle school (Randvere Street 8, Viimsi).
  • The organiser of the My Fitness Viimsi Run is My Fitness AS together with Local Government of Viimsi. Competition is conducted in accordance with the competition rules of Estonian Athletic Association (EKJL) and these instructions.
  • MyFitness Viimsi run contains several distances:
  • 21,1 km (half marathon)
  • 7 ,7 km running – Due to roadworks on the track the 7,7 distance has lengthened and will now be 8km long
  • 7,7  km running/walking/Nordic walking with/without times – Due to roadworks on the track the 7,7 distance has lengthened and will now be 8km long
  • 2,3 km Junior run
  • Children runs (FREE OF CHARGE)


2.    Start

  • MyFitness Viimsi Run competition centre is located at Athletic field next to the Viimsi middle school (Randvere Street 8, Viimsi). All runs start from the Athletic field.



  • 10:00 Wave start (age groups with 5 minutes intervals) of the Junior run (2,3 km)
  • 11:00 21,1 km start
  • 11:15 Children run, 1-3 y.o.
  • 11:30 Children run, 4-5 y.o.
  • 12:00 Children run, 6-7 y.o.
  • 12:15 Children run, 8-9 y.o.
  • 12:30 Children run, 10-11 y.o.
  • 13:00 7 km start ( running – with times; walking/Nordic walking – without times)
  • Starting corridor opens 30 minutes prior to the start.
  • Starting numbers are provided accordingly to the registration. Elite athletes can apply for the starting numbers by sending an e-mail to organisers
  • Starting from the corridor is obligatory. Falsely started runners will be disqualified.

3.    Route organising

  • 21,1 km route consists of one circle. The route contains 6 service points. The route is open for 4 hours.
  • 7 km running/walking/Nordic walking route consists of one circle and has 3 service points. The route is open for 3 hours.
  • Service points are equipped with water and sports drinks, and energy supplements. Every service point is equipped with WC and can provide medical aid if needed.
  • The route is laid on the hard surface* and is marked. Due to the safety rules participants must comply with the organisers’ markings.

*21,1 km route: partially asphalt, partially forest trail with a hard surface.

  • If organisers don’t find it necessary to remove participant from the route after missing the time limit, the participant in question can continue on his own risk. In this case organisers can’t be held responsible for the safety of the participant after the route is open for the normal traffic.

4.    Finish

  • Finish line is located at Athletic field on Randvere Street in Viimsi. Finish will be closed at 15:00.
  • All finishers (incl. children) will be provided with the sports drink and a medal.
  • After finishing, participants can take care of their muscles with the help of MyFitness trainers.


5.    Participants

  • Participants in the half marathon must be at least 16 years old and be sufficiently trained for this race. In exceptional cases younger participants can be allowed to race with the signed release from a parent. Signed release must be sent to organisers at not later than 2 weeks before the event.
  • Underage participants are allowed to participate in 7 km running/walking/Nordic walking with the signed release from a parent or a trainer which must be sent to organisers
  • All school students (under 16 years old, inclusive) can participate in Junior run.
  • Organisers recommend participant to conduct the health-check before registration, so the medical professional can confirm participant’s capability to finish the distance chosen.


6.    Registration

  • Participants can register at To register, you must fill the registration form by clicking on the link on the website with the wished distance. Participant will find his name in the official list after paying the registration fee. Registration fee can be paid through the bank links after filling the registration form.
  • Registration online will be closed at 17.00 May 10th. After that, participants can register at the day of the event, May 12th at the competition centre, which will be open since 07.00. Registration closes 10 minutes before the start of the race. Registration fee on-site can be paid in cash or with card.
  • Participant’s name in the starting protocol confirms his registration. Starting protocol can be found on the event’s website. Participant’s starting number is added to the protocol after the payment of the registration fee.
  • Groups (10 people and more): please e-mail the group registration with the members’ personal information to
  • If participant can’t register online, please write to organisers: Please add the description of the problem so we can solve it.
  • By registering for Viimsi Run participant accepts the competition’s instructions and participates on his own risk.


7.    Re-registration

  • Re-registration is possible until 17.00, May 1st, 2018.
  • Every re-registration (incl. name change) costs 10 EUR plus the difference of distance registration fees. To re-register, please send your application to the
  • Changes in starting protocol are applied during 5 days after receiving the payment.


8.    Participation fees

21,1 km 7 km run (with times) 7 km walking/Nordic walking Junior run 2,3 km
Early buy discount until 31.10.2017 10 EUR 7 EUR 5 EUR 1 EUR
1.11- 31.12.2017 15 EUR 10 EUR 8  EUR 3  EUR
01.01-28.02.2018 20 EUR 15 EUR 12 EUR 3  EUR
01.03-10.05.2018 25 EUR 20 EUR 15 EUR 3  EUR
12.05.2018 30 EUR 25 EUR 20 EUR 10 EUR




To receive MyFitness member’s discount please log in on the webpage. Residents of Viimsi must click on the corresponding information on the registration form. Organisers will check the entitlement to the discount.

21,1 km 7 km run with times 7 km walking/Nordic walking   Junior run2,3 km
Early buy discount until 31.10.2017 10 EUR 7 EUR 5 EUR 0 EUR
1.11 – 31.12.2017 12 EUR 8 EUR 6,50 EUR 0 EUR
01.01-28.02.2018 16 EUR 12 EUR 9,50 EUR 0 EUR
01.03-10.05.2018 20 EUR 16 EUR 12 EUR 0 EUR
12.05.2018 30 EUR 25 EUR 20 EUR 10EUR


Children runs are free of charge!

  • Participants will be provided with the route, number, guidebook, timing, results in the final protocol, service at the drinking stations and at the finish, award ceremony, e-diplomas with the name and results, also the first aid if needed during the whole race, in case of discontinuing the race – transportation to the finish line.
  • Organisers together with the local government of Viimsi will check the entitlement to the resident discount according to the personal codes. Double discounts (Viimsi residency and MyFitness membership) do not apply.
  • Group discounts 10% are applied to registered groups with 10 members and more. Group discounts do not apply to the early buy price. Double discounts do not apply (senior and junior discount receivers cannot receive the group discounts and vice versa).
  • In case of not cancellation of Viimsi Run due to the force majeure or in case of cancellation by participant the registration fee is not compensated.
  • If participant cannot participate in the race due to the medical reason, he has a possibility to postpone the registration fee to the next year (one time to the next following year). If participant has postponed his registration fee to the next year, he cannot receive the starting materials for this year. Also, 50% of the registration fee can be compensated on the base of the medical statement.

9.    Starting materials

  • Starting materials include starting number with the timing system chip (if the race with times is chosen), safety pins and sponsors materials.
  • Starting materials are issued May 11th at 10-14 at the reception desk of MyFitness Viimsi club (Sõpruse 15, Viimsi) and from 9.00 at the day of the race at the competition information point (Randvere Street 8, Viimsi).
  • Only participants with MyFitness Viimsi Run starting number are allowed to the Start line. Starting number should be attached to the chest of the runner and be visible throughout the race. Starting number is personal. Only registered under the certain number participant can compete with that starting number.


10.        Timing system

  • Timing system is electronic, the timing is checked via chips placed in starting numbers. Chip cannot be taken off the number, it is strictly forbidden to bend the number. Starting number has to be attached to the participant’s chest and be visible throughout the race from Start to Finish.
  • While finishing, it is not allowed to cover the number with hands (to switch off the sports clock), or the result won’t be registered.
  • Participant can keep the number with the chip, it is not necessary to return it after the race.
  • The timing system is provided by ChampionChip Eesti OÜ


11.        Age groups

Main distances (21,1 km and 7 km)

Young boys born 2000 and later (7,7 km) Girls born 2000 and later (7,7 km)
Male juniors 1998-1999 (21,1 km) Female juniors 1998-1999 (21,1 km)
Young men born 1995-1997 (21,1 km) Young women born 1995-1997 (21,1 km)
M born 1978-1994 (21,1 km) N born 1978-1994 (21,1 km)
M40 born 1973-1977 (21,1 km) N40 born 1973-1977 (21,1 km)
M45 born 1968-1972 (21,1 km) N45 born 1968-1972 (21,1 km)
M50 born 1963-1967 (21,1 km) N50 born 1963-1967 (21,1 km)
M55 born 1958-1962 (21,1 km) N55 born 1958-1962 (21,1 km)
M60 born 1953-1957 (21,1 km) N60 born 1953-1957 (21,1 km)
M65 born 1948-1952 (21,1 km) N65 born 1948-1952 (21,1 km)
M70 born 1943-1947 (21,1 km) N70 born 1943-1947 (21,1 km)
M75 born 1942 and earlier (21,1 km) N75 born 1942 and earlier (21,1 km)


2,3 km Junior run age groups are decided based on the participant’s age at the date of the race. 

Boys Girls
7-8 y.o. 7-8 y.o.
9-10 y.o. 9-10 y.o.
11-12 y.o. 11-12 y.o.
13-14 y.o. 13-14 y.o.
15-16 y.o. 15-16 y.o.

12.        Results

  • The preliminary unofficial results will be published on the information board at the finish and on the website Monday, 14.05 at 9.00.
  • Official results will be published on Friday, 18.05 at 17.00 on the


13.        Medical help

  • Medical aid can be provided throughout the route, if needed. If you notice a person in need of help please inform the staff of the nearest service point, or the specially marked medical worker on the route, or the organisers, or by calling emergency number 112.
  • Participants respect the clean and honest sport. Competition is conducted in accordance with the IAAF anti-doping rules; SA Eesti Antidoping is allowed to conduct doping tests among all the participants. Detailed information for the

14.        Premature finish

  • If participant decides to stop the competition prematurely, he must inform the nearest service point.
  • Organisers are allowed to call the participant off the route if he is out of the time limit at the check-point and/or won’t finish the race in maximal allowed time.
  • Medical staff and the judges are allowed to call the participant off the route if they find it necessary.

15.        Disqualification

  • Organisers have the right disqualify the participant if he is not complying with the rules, disturbs other participants, or prevents the organising of the event in any other way.

16.        Award ceremony

  • The award ceremony will take place at 14.00 at the Viimsi Middle School Athletic field.
  • Half marathon (21,1 km): 5 best male and 5 best female runners.
  • Winners of the half marathon’s age groups will be rewarded with special cups, which will be given at secretariat on the day of the competition. Also, the cups can be picked up at the MyFitness AS office  in Tallinn, Haabersti 5, during 1 month after the event.
  • 7 km distance: 3 best male and 3 best female runners.
  • 2,3 km Junior run: 3 best boys and girls in every age group.


17.        Picture taking

  • Organisers have the right to use pictures and videos from the event during the unlimited period of time.

18.        Protests

  • All the protests concerning the results of competitions, breaking the rules etc. In case of the first 50 finishers all the protests must be presented during 1 hour after the runner number 50 has crossed the finishing line. In case of the rest of the runners all the protests must be presented during 30 minutes after the finish line is closed.
  • Protest fee is 30 EUR, the fee is returned only if the protest is sustained. All the protests concerning the competition are settled by special commission which includes the head of the competition, arbiter, route master, and head of the secretariat.
  • Cases not mentioned in the guide will be solved by the organising committee and/or special commission as they occur.


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