Here you can find all the information you need!

The easiest way to find competition centre is to enter Keila Suusarajad into your GPS

COMPETITION CENTRE opens at 10.00 on the day of competition.

PARKING is for free. Come in time to avoid a commotion.

REGISTRATION DESK – based on your name and ID, you will get you timing system chip to be placed around the ankle. NB! Because of the race format, the participants’ numbers will be written on the skin (cheek, hand).  After the race you can wash the marker off at the Registration desk.

WC is in the Competition centre.

CHECKROOM – here you can leave the bag with your thing; checkroom is free of charge.

FIRST AID – emergency medical team is on duty at the Competition centre and ready to provide the medical help when needed.

CHILDREN AREA – there is plenty of activities for kids. They can climb and participate in the junior obstacle race.

START – first start at 12.00.

FINISH – all finishers are provided with the drink and medal. Kudos to you! Make your finishing moment special! Express yourself – you have every right to do that! Our photographers will capture your emotions.

TRAIL – you should check the trail before the competition. For more excitement, the order of hurdles and obstacles may vary from the numbers on the map.

OBSTACLES are not life-threatening. Choose your own tempo and enjoy the race!

FOOD – you can buy hot food at in the Competition centre.

TAKING PICTURES – organiser takes pictures of the competition; pictures can be found on the website.

Members of ORGANIZING TEAM wear YELLOW vests with the sign TEAM on the back. Please turn to them with any questions or in need of help.

AWARD CEREMONY in the Competition centre starts at 14.00!

CLOTHING!!! – When choosing your clothes, keep in mind that they will probably get dirty and even slightly torn. IT IS FORBIDDEN to use running spikes – it is the general safety issue.

WASHING OFF – you can wash off some of the dirt with the tab water on-site. There are three showers although without privacy. If you wish, you can visit Keila Health centre free of charge (500 m from the Competition centre). There you can relax in the sauna and clean yourself properly. To enter, show your medal at the reception.

DRINKING WATER! Please do not throw away your bottle after finish. Let’s save the environment! You can refill your bottle with the fresh drinking water at the Competition centre.


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