Visitors of MyFitness club can park their cars at the car park in Viru Keskus.

465-space car park is located on the third and fourth floors of Viru Keskus shopping centre. It is the most affordable 24-hour car park in the heart of the city equipped with the bicycle parking. You can enter the car park from the Narva mnt, next to the Sokos Hotell Viru. Both parking floors are connected to Viru Keskus; there is also 24-hour elevator connection with the street level.

Viru Keskus car parking fee for MyFitness members is 1 €/hour (first 2 hours). Normal fee is 2 €/hour.

For the discount please turn to MyFitness club’s customer service.

You can pay your parking fee in cash or with your bank card in the machine.

On the fourth floor you can also find a car wash and an Elmo rental service for electric cars!


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