The seminar will be split into 4 lectures and 4 trainings, on the 9th and 10th of October.


Lecture 1: Why, when and how to squat?

Lecture 2: Fixing the Squat

Lecture 3: Different Squat Techniques

Lecture 4: Building the Squat/Training Systems


Starting at 9AM, the lectures will last around 90 minutes, followed by one training where we will put to practice everything we just learned. The 2nd lecture will be at 4PM also followed by the 2nd training of the day. 


If you are looking for improvements in your squat technique, if you want to learn how to fix issues or address specific imbalances, or if you have plateaued in your training, this is the right place to be. I guarantee there has never been anything this specific and so in depth here in Estonia. 


Price: 100 euros




PS: Please write in the e-mail your full name plus your training experience.


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