Let’s start together! Our clubs have been waiting for you! Now is the right time to start your workouts, because we all start from the very beginning after the long closure of sport clubs. Those who have been training for years also start anew! So find the closest MyFitness club and we’ll help motivate each other to exercise!

If you join before 31st of May 2021, you will receive as a gift:

  • Joining free of charge
  • Free body composition analysis
  • Free NETFIT


Physical activity can help you:

  • Maintain your mental health.
  • Increase strength, power, speed and endurance.
  • Prevent weakening of the bones (osteoporosis) and loss of muscle mass and strength (sarcopenia).
  • Increase your immunity and resistance to disease.
  • Reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease.
  • Increase the rate of metabolism.
  • Reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure and arterial stiffness.
  • Reduce body fat and intraperitoneal (visceral) fat, which are the causes of multiple health problems.
  • Increase confidence and happiness!

Appreciate the effects of physical activity on your body and start your workouts today!

See you at the training!


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